Less clicks -> More value

Our company TEAMIDEA develops software that can optimize the business processes of our clients, reduce costs, and increase the productivity of the company as a whole. Probably everyone will agree that the desire to optimize not only the business of customers but also their internal processes, is natural for a developing company. That is why we regularly evaluate our work to find new opportunities to improve the efficiency and quality of our work.

This time we started working on the quality of testing - it seemed to us that it could be significantly improved, and we were right.

Every day we conduct a large number of projects, all of them have modern processes and quality assurance techniques. We used the popular test case management tool  - everywhere there were pros and cons, in general, we liked everything, but there was a strong feeling that we could work better and faster.

And then on one of the typical cloudy autumn days :) we decided on one of the development teams to gather metrics on the time of use of the tools, including one of the products for testing. Measurements were carried out for one month to obtain objective indicators. After analyzing the data on the time of use of the test case management tool, we realized that we were not mistaken: the statistics showed that it takes more time to secure the process than to do the work performed as part of this process.

The conclusion lay on the surface: in the pursuit of functionality, we forget about why we need the tools - to help us, not to burden!

A bit of math :) And we put together an interconnection model: The minimum required testing is the required quality assurance for a software product — the cost of resources to ensure this quality on time.

Extending all the indicators, we proved our theory that we will get a significant increase in the efficiency of manual labor by reducing the interaction of the tester with the test scenario management system. Our measurements showed that testers spend up to 28% of their time interacting with the system.

While we mention interaction with the system, we mean working in the suggested interface of the most common test case management tools. Most of them are cluttered with rarely used options that we could completely reject in favor of increasing the productivity and quality of our work - which we did: we designed the backlog of the new simple and convenient Quse tool - test case management tool.

The project based on a reduction of the time UI is used; for this, we abandoned model windows and a large number of drop-down lists. The selection of elements can be made in one click, and there are no buttons to save and update.

If we speak in detail, in Quse there are both the main functionality and several features that will be another step towards the success of the project:

1.     Create a team, import test cases, connect with JIRA integration, monitor the progress of test runs, collect metrics;

2.     Act in one click, pass test cases instantly, quickly monitor bugs, analyze efficiency;

3.    Get rid of unnecessary actions, organize a comfortable work process, manage quality and test with pleasure.

The main difference between Quse and other tools is a convenient and straightforward interface. The UX designed in the way that the number of unnecessary actions is minimal, and all the necessary controls are just a click away.

We have collected the best practices of modern interfaces and applied them to our product.


The Quse philosophy is to make things simple and convenient.

Test case management tool Quse- more time and freedom for work and creativity 

- Join us!