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Quse is a product of a new generation. It combines effective teamwork, usability and logical organization of processes.

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Create your own team, import test cases, set up JIRA integration, monitor the progress of test runs and gather metrics.


Act immediately! Pass test cases, track bugs, analyze effectiveness - all in one click.


Get rid of needless actions, make your work process comfortable, manage quality and run tests with pleasure.

Total freedom of data organization and storage

Configure your process in a “data tree” - it’s easy, convenient and clear.

Fast and handy creation of test cases

The speed of manual creation of test cases has increased due to the optimization of the interface and the elimination of modal windows.State-of-the-art interfaces save your nerves.

Integration with your bug tracker

Create bug reports and tasks directly from the Quse interface. Keep track of their current status and be always aware of what is happening.

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Less clicks -> More value

Our measurements showed that testers spend up to 28% of their time interacting with the system.

What to begin with?

This interactive user guide answers the following questions: how to involve the team, how to configure integration etc.

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Do you have commercial plans?

No. Quse test case management tool is free.

Is teamwork available in Quse?


Should I receive a special training to start working with the system?


How to configure integration with Jira?

Just add your Jira url.

What is the SLA of your service?

Quse SLA (availability) is more than 99.95%

Any questions left?

Register in Quse and  use the following feedback form for clients.